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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 1 March 15th, 2014

Top links

HamTV tests from International Space Station successful
Test video was transmitted from ISS using an amateur radio TV transmitter. Transmissions were successfully recieved by the Britsh Amateur Television Club and streamed over the internet.
More CubeSats released from ISS. FM, SSB and AX.25 trasponders available
Launched from Japan and released by ISS, LithuanicaSAT-1, Litsat-1, and ArduSat-2 are among several CubeSats now orbiting Earth.
Tiny KickSat CubeSats to launch March 30th
The smallest satellites ever (about the size of a cracker) will launch later this month, transmitting data on 437MHz.
Experimental VLF Signals heard across the Atlantic
Slow-speed CW signals transmitted from New York and North Carolina were recently heard on 29 kHz across the Atlantic Ocean into Europe. Transmissins are taking place under a Part 5 Experimental license.
RadioShack will close over 1,000 stores
Sales are declining while competition is high from the likes of Best Buy and Amazon. 20% of total stores will close. Is RadioShack still relevent in the Ham community?
Motley Fool
Salvation Army adds new Emergency Disaster Services station
The Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) was recently granted the addition of a new callsign (WB5ALM) to assist in the amateur radio communications arm of the Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services.
Nevada Amateur Radio Newswire


Raspberry PiRate Radio
Turn your Raspberry Pi into a powerful FM transmitter transmitting between 1MHz and 250MHz. Accomplished by generating spread-spectrum clock signals on the GPIO pins and outputing FM Radio energy.
K3NG Arduino CW keyer with LCD display
An open source Arduino based CW (Morse Code) keyer rivaling many commercial keyers. Now supports non-English characters.
Radio Artisan

Current events

Ukraine SZRU, Russian Airforce active on 20m
IARU Monitoring System reports Ukraine Foreign Intelligence Service and Russian Airforce Moscow active on 20m.

And finally...

5,700 vintage Ham QSL cards and photos online
A tribute to W5RG, one of the first Amateur Radio Opertators, a new site has published his collection of QSL cards and photos collected since the 1920s.
Don Retzlaff
Hand curated by KK4HSX. 73!
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