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Live streaming from Dayton, powerhouses merge, Adnroid apps, HD space, more
Live streaming from Dayton, powerhouses merge, Adnroid apps, HD space, more
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 10 May 16th, 2014

Top links

Dayton Hamvention live streaming video coverage
W5KUB provides live streaming coverage of the Dayton Hamvention along with live giveaways and special guests.
QSO Radio Show will broadcast live from the Dayton Hamvention
The QSO Radio Show will be broadcasting live from their booth at Dayton. Tune in on shortwave radio (9.475MHz and 12.105MHz) starting at 10am Saturday.
Alpha Amplifiers and TEN-TEC to merge
The two 40 year old companies announced plans to merge under the RF Concepts brand.
RFinder repeater directory app has a social twist
The latest version of the RFinder Worldwide Repeater Directory app for Android adds a social component allowing users to "check-in" to a repeater so other RFinder users can see who's monitoring.
U.S. House expresses support for MARS program
The US House Armed Services Committee has expressed its continued support for the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS) program.
Project aims to create HD panoramic view of space
By strapping 24 HD cameras to a weather balloon, University of Surrey's Surrey Space Centre hopes to apply the footage to an Oculus Rift for a realistic 3D virtual environment experience.
FUNCube-2 and FUNCube-3 set to launch next month
These two satellites will both feature AX25 beacons and SSB/CW transponders.
Shackbox: A Linux distro designed specifically for ham radio operators
Based on Ubuntu, Shackbox features more than 150 apps preinstalled for amateur radio use including SDR & GNURadio support out of the box.

How to

New ham license study resource from ARRL
The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has launched a new site that gives future and existing hams resources to study and take practice tests for all three amateur radio licenses.


Working an aeronautical mobile station on 2 meters
KD8RTT works an aeronautical mobile station on 146.52 MHz.
Profile: Venice High School Amateur Radio Club
Observer Media Group put together a nice video piece showcasing how the Venice High School Amateur Radio Club helps students.
Observer Media Group


Folding Antenna's Hexbeam
G7KSE has an excellent write-up describing the build process of Folding Antenna's hexbeam antenna

And finally...

Do solar winds spark an increase in lightening strikes?
Scientists have found that when gusts of high-speed solar particles enter our atmosphere, the number of lightning bolts increases.
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