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Issue 100 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 100 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 100 February 27th, 2016

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FCC seeks comments on lifetime Amateur Radio licenses
"The FCC would benefit by reducing administrative costs."
Heathkit introduces stealth 2m/440 antenna kit
Heathkit proclaims the antenna has multiple patents filed for many inventions in its design and is waterproof.
Radio Artisan
A field guide to the North American utility pole
We live under the umbrella of an intricate and fascinating web of infrastructure that enables every aspect of modern technology. But how often do we really look at it?
Hack A Day
Follow the 2016 Heard Island Expedition on WSPR
The VK0EK 2016 Heard Island Expedition will operate a 250-milliwatt battery-powered propagation beacon kit
A rant about working pileups - from both ends
If the NPOTA activator is calling for call area 4 - we should not hear call signs with 2s, 5s, or 7s.
The Hams of Hoover
Why does Bluff Park in Hoover, Alabama have a high concentration of radio amateurs?
Post nuclear strike, Last Ditch Network 'LDN'
The LDN or Last Ditch Network, was intended to be Regional Government's last line of communication when all their landlines and associated backup radio paths had failed following a nuclear attack on the British Isles.
UKWMO Communications
Turning a marine battery into a massive emergency power source
To create my charging hub, I used a little Bestek splitter with two 12v sockets and 2 5v USB outlets.
Icom remote rig RS-BA1 IP software
The RS-BA1 allows you to access your ham shack rig at a distance, whether that distance is another room in your home or another country.


What is inside an electrolytic capacitor?
A one minute teardown answering the question "What is Inside an Electrolytic Capacitor."
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