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Issue 107 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 107 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 107 April 16th, 2016

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ISS Slow Scan TV success
This week, radio hams around the world received Slow Scan Television (SSTV) transmissions from space commemorating 15 years of Amateur Radio on the International Space Station.
American Airlines UFO report caught on Ham Radio
The pilot reported seeing an extremely large bright object that he estimated a mile wide to his right.
Open Minds
ARES group boots storm chasers off repeater
The Wichita County ARES group had to shoo at least two storm chasers from the group's repeater.
Times Record News
Contact with the inventor
I had the honor to meet Joe K1JT on air at 20m JT9 this evening.
My first attempt at NPOTA
They were chastising me because I wasn't on the air long enough and were upset because they were waiting for me on 40m and didn't make enough contacts on 20m.
Multi-band Slinky Doublet
Further research showed a single slinky can stretch to ~5m in length and contains ~20m of coiled wire.
29 MHz – the forgotten frequency for amateur radio satellites
Unfortunately, a 29 MHz downlink would not be practical for most of today's very small satellites, owing to the size of the antenna required.
EE Publishers
Coax cable: It's all in the family
Even many experienced ham operators will approach a table full of coax cable reels at a swap meet or stare at online listings and feel lost in all the options.
Off Grid Ham
The Eagle has landed
Ten-Tec Eagle -- A CW masterpiece.
Ham Radio QRP
Improved GPS reception with a ground plane
It definitely helped make indoors reception in my shack much more reliable.
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