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Issue 108 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 108 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 108 April 23rd, 2016

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Repeater owner bans Baofeng radios
Simply put, these radios do not allow for "advancing skills in both the communication and technical phases of the art" (Part 97.1).
Online streaming platform for DMR Brandmeister network
All Brandmeister Talk Groups are streamed on-demand and active participants will show up on the dashboard automatically.
Ladyada passes Extra exam
Ladyada took all 3 exams at once, including perfect scores.
Fo Time podcast is now HamRadio360
In an effort to keep it Fun, we decided to do the 50th episode with a Live Video Stream. You'll quickly see why we do the show with audio only!
Iridium Antenna Hack
Here's several channels simultaneously visible in Inspectrum.
ShareBrained Technology
Hearing The Hum?
Glen set up a website where people could report what they were hearing and found that it was a worldwide phenomenon.
Learning CW is not a sprint
I am in the 9th month of my CW / Morse Code journey and I will readily admit that in my case it has been slow, steady progress rather than a sprint.
Ham Radio QRP
ESDR: New portable SDR HF transceiver
The ESDR features a large color display, digimode decoder/keyer, 2x USB ports and micro-SD card. The required supply voltage is 12.6V and the maximum output power is 30W.
QRP Blog
Differences between UV5R / UV82 series Baofengs
The UV5R, RA, RB, RC, E5, F8, GT3, etc. are all cousins.
A lightwave adventure
VE7CNF successfully inaugurated his lightwave station earlier this week, on Monday night, completing a nice two-way CW contact between West Vancouver and Mayne Island.
Rare and classic shortwave QSL cards
A couple months ago at my local ham radio club meeting (the NCDXCC), my buddy Paul Greaves (W4FC) mentioned that his passion for amateur radio DXing originated with shortwave broadcaster DXing.
The SWLing Post


FCC enforcement team
We got a great demonstration on how the FCC enforcement team keeps unlicensed & wireless spectrum violators at bay.
FS 5000 receiver demo: Cold War spy radio
This is a demonstration of the receiver section of the FS-5000 cold-war shortwave spy radio, developed during the eighties by the government branch of AEG Telefunken.
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