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Issue 111 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 111 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 111 May 14th, 2016

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Hara Arena Update
About the time we all were leaving Hara Arena last year, organizers were putting up posters detailing the upgrades that would soon be made to the aging facility.
Icom: 3 booths at Dayton. Dedicated D-STAR and Land Mobile booths
We'll have three IC-7300s in the main booth including demonstrations of it in operation with our RS-BA1 Remote Control Software.
Dayton forums to be streamed live
Official live coverage of Hamvention, produced by DARALive.
AMSAT: Top 10 reasons to come to Dayton
Rub shoulders with 25,000 of your best friends at the largest hamfest in the United States.
Dual-band mobile supports DMR, D-STAR and C4FM
"NEW RADIO" will operate on the 2m & 70cm bands and support the most common ham digital modes, including DMR, D-STAR and C4FM (System Fusion), plus analog FM.
Ham sues repeater owners
The issue before us is whether repeater owners have the right to determine who can and cannot use their network.
Open VHF digital voice radio prototype ready for manufacture
The SM2000 will be a small box that contains a fully functional VHF SDR Digital Voice radio.
DMR is getting big around here
As a member of Auxcomm, I noticed DMR radios were in heavy use at the state EOC. Also, every time I get around a group of hams, the subject of DMR comes up.
No Nonsense Extra Class Study Guide ready for new question pool
The new Extra Class question pool goes into effect on July 1, 2016. KB6NU's updated study guide is now available.
Solar Efficiency: It's Not What You Think
We'll go through a hypothetical power system step by step and examine solar efficiency, then fit the pieces together to make the picture complete.
Off Grid Ham


Icom IC-7300 MNF ANF IF Filter works on interference
The Icom IC-7300 knocks out annoying interference.
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