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Satellite captured, Field Day is near, newbies on 2m, tape measure antennas
Satellite captured, Field Day is near, newbies on 2m, tape measure antennas
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 12 May 31st, 2014

Top links

We are now in command of the ISEE-3 spacecraft
Working in collaboration with NASA, a team of engineers from Morehead State University and AMST-DL has regained control of ISEE-3 (International Sun-Earth Explorer), previously thought to be lost in space.
Space College
Things no one else will tell you about Field Day
The books and websites will give you the basics, but there are a few things they don't tell you.
Field Day event locator: Find a Field Day event happening near you
Field Day is June 28th & 29th. ARRL has a tool to help you find an event taking place near you. Come out, socialize and get on the air!
Introducing SmartMic: Digital voice without a PC
SmartMic is an embedded hardware device that allows you to run FreeDV without a PC. Plug it into your SSB or FM radio, and you now have Digital Voice (DV).
Newbies on 2m
Nearly all newcomers buy 2m handhelds only to find they can’t hit that many repeaters and the old farts on 2m won’t talk to them. We should all do something about this.
A SOTA expedition over Memorial Day Weekend
An account of a Summits On The Air expedition to the Ouachita Mountains in southeastern Oklahoma.
Dayton review part 2
Hams + Makers and the great information found in the forums.
Radio Artisan

How to

Build a homebrew buddipole antenna
A homemade portable dipole made of PVC and good to work 20m, 17m, 15m, 10m, and 6m
How to work an FM satellite
An excellent tutorial showing how to work an FM satellite including a frequency chart to aid in programming your memory channels.
How to work a SSB satellite
The technique required to work a SSB/CW satellite is different than that used for an FM satellite.
Constructing a tape measure yagi antenna
Build a tape measure based yagi antenna for under $20, double your reach.


Pirate radio: Wolverine Radio SSTV
An audio recording of pirate radio on 6,950 kHz featuring an SSTV QSL card from Wolverine Radio.
The SWLing Post
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