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Issue 120 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 120 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 120 July 16th, 2016

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New: Baofeng UV-50X3 tri-band mobile
Baofeng just launched the UV-50X3 triband mobile radio and it looks like a jab, cross and left hook to the established Japanese manufacturers who were caught dreaming about DMR, C4FM, D-STAR and other leprechauns.
Chinese radio makers versus the big leagues
Have I been burnt or disappointed? You can bet your bottom dollar I have, and many of my reviews and past blogs would tell you that.
Attendance at Dayton tops 25,000 for second year in a row
For those keeping track, in 2014 the official count was 24,873 visitors, and attendance in 2013 was 24,542.
Ham radio decline in Germany
In 2002 there were about 80,000 radio amateurs in Germany, by 2015 this had fallen to 67,349.
VU3DES: Passing a 'Technician Class' US License exam
FCC FRN registration has clear options for applicants without an American Contact (mailing) Address. Using the FRN I could fill out the exam application forms and appear for the exam.
What's special about 50 ohms?
A cable that has least loss at 77 ohms, also has maximum power handling capacity at 30 ohms. The mean between 30 and 77 ohms is 53.5 ohms.
Hack A Day
My Jeep portable Ham Radio station
Amateur radio is part of our gear. There are times when cell service is unreliable, trails are unpopulated, or we intentionally move off the grid. The Willys offers us an opportunity to expand our use of amateur radio as part of our leisure activities.
A guide to listening to CB radio with an RTL-SDR dongle
Mario discusses how an RTL-SDR dongle can be used to have some fun listening to CB without needing to go out and buy a full CB radio.
Interference from an LDG autotuner
Hans did suffer from heavy noise (S9) on his FT-817 affecting his receive especially from digital weak signals like WSPR and JT modes.
rtl-trx: Transmit and receive RTTY using an RTL-SDR dongle
Local oscillator leakage from an RTL-SDR dongle can be used as a very low power FSK transmitter.
Ham radio tower frustrates neighbors
For 10 years, residents of a Maple Ridge neighbourhood have been fighting to have an amateur radio tower taken down, but a coalition of ham enthusiasts says they're providing a valuable service.


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