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Issue 125 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 125 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 125 September 17th, 2016

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Amateur Radio Parity Act passes in the US House
"This is huge step in our effort to enact legislation that will allow radio amateurs who live in deed-restricted communities the ability to construct an effective outdoor antenna."
First VK-VE 630m contact
This is the first-ever QSO between North America and Australia on the relatively new 630m MF band.
Radio-Dakar QSL card sells for $1,195 on eBay
This QSL card started out life on eBay at $9.50 with free shipping.
The SWLing Post
Ham Nation: Hams Gone YL'ed
It's an all YL cast tonight! We interview VA1YL, Amanda explains emergency situations, and a space weather update from Dr. T.
Get the right signal tone
One of the most common set of signaling tones is called the Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tone system, often known as Touch-Tones. This system was invented for use in telephone systems by AT&T in 1963.
Ham Radio School
Portable logging for iPad & iPhone
The upgrade to the water/dust proof case was just the ticket, despite it adding some bulk it really protects the device well.
M0JCQ's Ham Blog
Review: BTech UV-50X3 tri-band mobile
Four years after its initial design, the VGC 6600PRO has evolved into the BTech UV-50X3, a full featured Tri-Band mobile that delivers a full 50W on VHF and UHF.


75 meter yagi installation
Installation of a 75 meter yagi antenna at W0AIH contest station.
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