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Issue 127 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 127 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 127 October 1st, 2016

Top links

Log file azimuthal maps
This tool reads your ham radio logs and generates an equidistant azimuthal world map plot of your contacts using Scalable Vector Graphics.
The amazing BOG
A 'BOG' or 'Beverage On Ground' seems to come in many varieties and is usually, out of necessity, shorter than a 'real' beverage.
CHIRP radio programming webinar
Attendees will learn: What CHIRP is, which radios are supported, how to get CHIRP, and how to troubleshoot CHIRP.
Sotabeams Laserbeam DSP Filter
It is cheap, simple, razor sharp, and a really useful add on.
Ham Radio on a boat
Ham shack and lab on a 50-foot Delta power boat.
QRP is unfair to chasers
If you understand propagation, then a QRP signal will be loud to someone, somewhere.
Smoky Mountains NPOTA activation recap
I took my field kit which included the Elecraft KX2, QRP Ranger battery pack, and EFT Trail-Friendly antenna.
The SWLing Post
Homebrew 20kWh powerwall
He's working on adding a huge number of 18650 Lithium cells to his home's power grid and posting about his adventures along the way.
Hack A Day


Android DMR HT
RFinder Android Radio DMR QSO International Worldwide.
Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV)
First end-to-end test of a 115.2kbaud FSK modem, transmitting slow-scan digital video.
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