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Issue 129 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 129 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 129 October 15th, 2016

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Current rules holding Hams back from state-of-the-art technology
ARRL told the FCC in its comments that the current HF symbol rate "speed limit" reflects 1980s technology and has no place in an experimental radio service.
Outernet broadcasting APRS packets globally
Outernet is a low data rate worldwide satellite downlink carried on three geostationary Inmarsat L-band satellites to provide web content (downlink files only) to remote areas anywhere in the world.
Building a Ham Radio power supply
After spending $820 for the radio, I wasn’t in the mood (or the financial state) to drop another $100 to $150 on an Alinco Power Supply.
Soliloquy Blog
Building your own GSM basestation
Having your own GSM basestation allows you to create your own private and free GSM network, or for more malicious illegal users it can allow you to create a system for intercepting peoples calls and data.
Open source, cross-band repeater board for high altitude ballooning
Project Echoloon is an Amateur Radio cross-band repeater device that can be lifted by a few helium or hydrogen-filled party balloons.
Top 10 Amateur Radio uses for the Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi has proved to be a phenomenal hit with hobbyists around the world.
Adventures in Ham Radio
How the phonetic alphabet emerged
For a time the Able, Baker alphabet, derived from WWII when the US air force entered the war, hung around in aviation for years.
Rehab for the KØNR Repeater
The SCOM 7K repeater controller has been in service for decades, handling multiple receivers and transmitters.
What is Near Vertical Incident Skywave?
This series focuses on short-haul communication during a disaster in the Amateur Radio Service.


MMDVM home brew repeater demonstration
Here is a quick video clip showing the flexibility and ease of use when switching between the 3 digital modes DMR/DSTAR/FUSION.
Sean McQuillan: Engineer, farmer, pirate radio pioneer
Sean McQuillan single-handedly set up one of the first land-based pirate radio stations in the country. Sean recounts tales of many events in his life with humour, eloquence and humility.
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