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Issue 130 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 130 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 130 October 22nd, 2016

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A geosynchronous Ham Radio satellite
The satellite’s potential footprint could extend over the US from the Mid-Pacific to Africa.
Is wind energy a good fit for you?
For the off grid Ham who wants to expand beyond solar, is wind energy the next likely step?
Off Grid Ham
Calling CQ: An email letter for amateur radio enthusiasts
The best editorial content promoting the hobby.
Terminated inverted U antenna
I built the antenna using two 10m fishing poles spaced 5m apart.
Cross Country Wireless
Polite society on DMR
The wide area TG is kind of like meeting someone in the hallway or a noisy lobby. The "on-demand" TG's are out the way places to go have a discussion without upsetting the hall monitors.
Digital Mobile Radio for Hams
ISS Columbus Ham Radio inoperative
The Ericsson VHF handheld transceiver in the ISS Columbus module which is used for amateur radio voice contacts on 144.800 MHz and the packet radio digipeater on 145.825 MHz is unusable.
CW Decoder Logic
CW decoder app for Windows.
/P fun in the sun
In total, I made 8 QSOs (all CW, at 10-watts) 6 on 40m and 2 on 20m in what were reasonable conditions.
A simple approach to VHF contesting
The tow bar mount is made from a few off cuts of 47mm x 100mm (or 2" by 4" if you prefer) and a piece of rough sawn timber.
Hams in India monitoring "Highly Suspicious" VHF communications
The signals were being heard in the dead of night, with participants reported to be in motion and speaking in some sort of code.


1 foot mini magnetic loop transmitting antenna
I decided to make a mini magnetic loop and see if I could be heard down on HF with a tiny antenna.
SOTA Signals from Signal Butte
Steve/K7PX and Steve/wGOAT activate Signal Butte for Summits on the Air.
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