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Issue 133 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 133 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 133 November 12th, 2016

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Scientists are bringing back vacuum tubes
A group of scientists have developed super-efficient microscopic vacuum tubes that may be able to outperform semiconductors.
Popular Mechanics
3D print your next paddle
Mini Iambic Magnetic Morse Paddle is designed for portable or SOTA operation.
End fed half wave antennas
End feeding antennas can be an incredibly convenient configuration because you only need one support (like a tree).
High on Solder
You can swing a dead cat but you shouldn't swing your Bug
If it ain't got that swing, that's a good thing
Funny old hobby
Our hobby is based upon communication – Yet, when face-to-face, we suck at it…
Amateur Radio satellites
Check the status and communication frequencies of all active Amateur Radio satellites.
Comparing the weak signal performance of a WBR Regen with a K2
The WBR seems to get a bit of a bad rap with some people for it’s sensitivity. Based on my experience, this design does seem to be fairly deaf on AM, but the sensitivity on SSB/CW is fine.
SOTA Super Activation
The aim of the event is to get as many Summit to Summit - “S2S” - contacts as possible. The summit contacts can be between North America and Europe or within the regions themselves.
Antarctica expedition
Felix, DL5XL (N5BC), will once again operate from Antarctica using his call sign DP1POL. Activity will be from November 2016 to February 2017.
Small-scale EME setup
you don’t need a huge antenna system to operate EME (moonbounce) successfully.
Portable shortwave spectrum capture for the urban city dweller
Lightweight, portable set-up that would let me capture large chunks of the shortwave radio spectrum out in the field, which I could later explore in detail.
The SWLing Post
Copying GRLevel3 settings to another computer
Like many other Windows programs, preference data is stored in the registry, and this provides a somewhat easy work around.
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