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Issue 135 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 135 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 135 November 26th, 2016

Top links

Virtual Build-a-thon
Using either Skype or Webex we will present each week for about 30 minutes showing you the next stage of building the project. You can then ask questions and show us how you are getting on.
Chertsey Radio Club
Upcoming solar years... Can they be too quiet?
In 2008 there were 265 'zero sunspot' days and the following year saw another 262 days of blank suns.
Should amateur radio be used for military purposes?
If the Border Patrol or Army asked you to listen for potential terrorist communications, would you do so?
Podcast: Foundations of Amateur Radio
A weekly, 4 minute podcast. The building blocks for Amateur Radio, one concept at a time
FCC's Laura Smith - Your Repeater; Your Rules
We haven't heard a lot from FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith lately, but she spoke at Pacificon.
Southgate/Ham Radio Now
Toyota Tacoma Mobile HF Install
Surprisingly the 590SG is compact enough IMHO for a nice mobile install, however someone with a smaller vehicle might not have the luxury of so much space. I rarely use the access cab except to throw junk in, so why not utilize it better?
Solar powered Ham Radio for beginners
I am going through the gear one will need to operate with a solar power source, how to use it and a couple of things to avoid.
Ham Radio Reviews

Special Events

SKYWARN Recognition Day on-the-air event is December 3rd
SKYWARN Recognition Day was developed in 1999 by the National Weather Service and ARRL to honor the contributions that SKYWARN volunteers make to the NWS mission.
Special Event K7Z: Zane Grey's 145th Birthday
Zane Grey was an author and master of the American western novel.
Special Event W1T: Mark Twain's 181st Birthday
ARRL staff will be operating as W1T from November 28 - December 4, in honor of Mark Twain's 181st birthday.


D-Star DVmega Raspberry Pi 3 hotspot
This hotspot is using a Raspberry Pi to operate as a full D-star hotspot.
Compact Homebrew End Fed QRP Antenna
I built this antenna specifically for low wattage QRP use to be compact and inexpensive. It utilizes a 9:1 balun wrapped on a T106-2 torpid and minimal hardware to be lightweight.
W2LI: Dry Tortugas NPOTA Activation
Rob (K2RWF) and Craig (KD2INN) activate Dry Tortugas National Park in the Gulf of Mexico.
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