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Issue 137 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 137 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 137 December 10th, 2016

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Amateur Radio Parity Act stalled
The legislation will be reintroduced in both houses of Congress after the 115th Session begins in January.
Pearl Harbor Attack: Monitoring American radio traffic
IJN beefed up its radio-intelligence coverage of the American military presence in Hawaii. Two more stations, on Saipan and near Tokyo, now covered the communications of the Pacific Fleet and the U.S. Army Air Corps in Hawaii.
U.S. Naval Institute
28MHz high hopes monitoring
This blogpost is about monitoring 28MHz just before the ARRL 10m contest this weekend. It will be updated regularly till the weekend.
ABC Ditches Shortwave Services
The ABC will end its shortwave transmission service in the Northern Territory and to international audiences from 31 January.
Radio Today
Five common mistakes new Hams make
This short list comes from working with a gaggle of new hams over the years and trying to help them get started in ham radio.
Ham Radio School
Where does 9600 bps come from?
We use serial communication all the time. But why are we using multiples of 300?
SparkFun Electronics
Reverse engineering traffic lights with an RTL-SDR
To reverse engineer these new lights he made a recording of the signals in GQRX and then opened them up in Inspectrum.
Creating a 2m repeater with a Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle
I will be using an RTL-SDR dongle to receive an input signal on 70cm. The receiver signal will then be demodulated and retransmitted using a GPIO pin on the Raspberry as a transmitter.
An unusual night for CB
For the most part, AM is used on most of the channels but you’ll find LSB activity on Channel 36 (27.365 MHz). And when the band gets busy and crowded, you’ll hear LSB QSOs from Channels 36 – 39 (27.365 – 27.395 MHz).
The SWLing Post


TYT MD-398 power test
It is rated at 10W on high, let's see if it is true to its claims.
Ham Radio Reviews
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