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New FCC rules, NASA video over laser, 10m DX, Queen sees Rasp Pi balloon...
New FCC rules, NASA video over laser, 10m DX, Queen sees Rasp Pi balloon...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 14 June 14th, 2014

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Field Day just for fun
Sometimes it’s nice to forget about points and just enjoy a little outdoor operating.
FCC okays changes to exam credit, test admin, emission type rules
In a wide-ranging Report and Order released June 9 that takes various proceedings into consideration, the FCC has revised the Amateur Service Part 97 rules to grant credit for written examination elements 3 (General) and 4 (Amateur Extra) to holders of "expired licenses that required passage of those elements."
Amateur radio operator active from Antarctica
IZ3SUS, is currently active as IA/IZ3SUS from Concordia Dome 'C' (WAP MNB-03), a French-Italian Multi-national Base on the Antarctic Plateau.
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II shown Raspberry Pi high altitude balloon
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was shown the Raspberry Pi High Altitude Balloon payload developed by M0RPI which transmitted slow scan digital video signals on 434 MHz from the first "Pi in the Sky."
AM broadcasters, hams have common interest in cleaning up noise sources
Society of Broadcast Engineers filed comments (drafted by W3KD) with the FCC regarding a worsening RF noise environment in the AM broadcast band.
Magic on the magic band... (JT65A on 50MHz)
Magic on 50MHz is working stations that you can barely hear.
The Elad FDM-S2 SDR: Unboxing, installing, and a first recording
Day One with the FDM-S2? So far, so good. The Elad application is very customizable.
The SWLing Post

How to

Activate a SOTA location on VHF
Being a VHF enthusiast, I prefer the challenge of making contacts above 50 MHz, so my SOTA contacts are usually on 2 Meters or 70 cm.

Special events on-the-air

World Cup special events stations
To mark the FIFA World Cup of football competition now underway in Brazil, special event stations will be on the air until the end of July.
Celebrate July 4th holiday with 13 Colonies special event stations
Each of the original 13 Colonies will be on the air with a special event station the week of July 1st through July 6th.
13 Colonies


NASA modulates video signal over laser beam
The Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science has beamed video via laser from the International Space Station back to Earth.
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10 Meter FM from Ukraine on an HT
KD8RTT came across a DX QSO from Ukraine while listening in on his 10m HT
Astronaut cites amateur radio as influence
Alexander Gerst describes sitting with his grandfather while bouncing radio transmissions off the surface of the moon.
Ham radio operators are key in severe weather situations
When tornadoes touch down, the National Weather Service depends on ham Skywarn spotters.
Fox 45
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