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Issue 140 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 140 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 140 December 31st, 2016

2016 Year in Review

For this last issue of the year, I pulled the most popular links from each issue and complied the top 10
as a 'look back' on the world of Amateur Radio in 2016. Enjoy! –Cale K4HCK
A stealthy HOA HamStick directional dipole
This is a sneak peek at a very detailed build, tune, and operation on 20 and 40 meter bands using both Phone and PSK31.
Prepared Ham (Issue 94)
Hey, which coaxial cable should I use?
We'll focus on the most popular cables, with 50 ohm impedance to match the output impedance of our transceivers.
Ham Radio School (Issue 115)
Five common mistakes new Hams make
This short list comes from working with a gaggle of new hams over the years and trying to help them get started in ham radio.
Ham Radio School (Issue 137)
Hidden Antennas for HOA restrictions?
I have a confession to make... I live in a HOA! I know most hams say what the hell did you do that for, you knew you could not put up a 60 foot tower. Turn in your FCC license...
Prepared Ham (Issue 97)
Easy, homemade Outernet antenna
An antenna for less than $1 total cost, doable without power tools and soldering, in less than 30 minutes.
Radio for Everyone (Issue 136)
Portable antenna options for HF
For all the choices, it’s surprisingly hard to find a portable antenna for HF that is affordable and practical.
Off Grid Ham (Issue 138)
End-Fed antenna revisited
I really like the simplicity of this antenna for many aspects: fast to deploy, works on many bands, no antenna to tune...
VA2SS (Issue 126)
New: Baofeng UV-50X3 tri-band mobile
Baofeng just launched the UV-50X3 tri-band mobile radio and it looks like a jab, cross and left hook to the established Japanese manufacturers who were caught dreaming about DMR, C4FM, D-STAR and other leprechauns.
QRPblog (Issue 120)
Repeater owner bans Baofeng radios
Simply put, these radios do not allow for "advancing skills in both the communication and technical phases of the art" (Part 97.1).
N4NJJ (Issue 108)
First impressions of the Icom IC-7300 HF + 6M transceiver
We did not use the transmit functions on the radio, but were able to test out the receiver at my campsite with a Budipole antenna on 40 meters.
AB4BJ (Issue 99)
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