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Issue 143 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 143 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 143 January 21st, 2017

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Parity Act bill reintroduced in US House of Representatives
The bill's language is identical to that of the 2015 measure, H.R. 1301, which passed in the House late last summer but failed in the waning days of the US Senate.
Standing desks for Ham shacks?
I’m quickly realizing standing is clearly helpful, because the same problems came up, even though my new chair was more ergonomic.
Ham Radio EMCOMM Go Kit
In order to simplify the cabling between the SignaLink and my laptop I decided to us a powered USB hub and to make the USB hub accessible on the back of the case.
High On Solder
Amateur Radio Club Survey 2017
We’ve just launched our 2017 amateur radio survey to get a snapshot of an aspect of the hobby.
Essex Ham
Ambulances to jam car radios in Sweden
Ambulances in Stockholm are testing a system that interrupts in-car audio systems to warn drivers that they need to get through.
BBC News
Walkie Talkie Duino
An open source wireless shield for Arduino that can send data and audio.
Property owner wants to remove ham radio towers from atop hotel
The property's new owner wants to take down the repeater site due to what it calls safety and security concerns.
Callsign lookup when portable
QRZ is one of the more popular websites for looking up callsigns but the website is not formatted for use on mobile devices.
Ham Radio QRP
Codec 2 700C
My endeavor to produce a digital voice mode that competes with SSB continues.


Internet over powerline can wipe out the HF band
These devices allow you to use your house power cables as a convenient ethernet connection for sharing the internet. However they are extremely noisy and can wipe out the entire HF band.
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