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Issue 148 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 148 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 148 March 4th, 2017

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Teardown Tuesday: Baofeng Amateur Radio Transceiver
This display driver has been around since the late 80s. It interfaces microprocessors and Liquid Crystal Displays to show all manner of information in a variety of display sizes and a multitude of fonts.
All About Circuits
EO-88 status and new dashboard
More than 250 stations around the world have provided telemetry to the Nayif Data Warehouse and the FUNcube Team are extremely grateful to them for their invaluable support.
SvxLink: Linux repeater controller
Advanced repeater controller and EchoLink software for Linux including a GUI, Qtel - The Qt EchoLink client.
Off grid technology that may soon power your station
This is a very exciting time of changes for off grid and alternative energy. The cost of established systems is coming way down and many new discoveries are in the pipeline.
Off Grid Ham
Do switch-mode power supplies have a place in your shack?
a video of the Alinco DM-330FX shows just how much interference this switching power supply produces.
Band statistics for your grid square
This plots the average distance of WSPR reports for each band for each hour. To view the stats for your grid square, just change the locator on the end of the URL.
Solar-powered headset from recycled parts
Made almost completely of recycled components — reducing e-waste helps us all — only the 1 W flexible solar panel, voltage regulator, and the RN-52 Bluetooth module were purchased for this project.
Hack A Day
Amateur radio below 9kHz
Until a few years ago, the conventional wisdom was that you needed huge power and huge antennas to be copied "beyond the garden fence" at VLF and ULF.
DIY GPS module for Yaesu VX-8DR/VX-8DE handheld
GPS module for Yaesu VX-8DR/DE handheld transceivers with ublox NEO-6M chip and Arduino.
Are you treating your radios with care?
For either the advanced or novice radio user, properly maintaining your communications equipment is essential. But what is the best way to do this?
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