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Issue 150 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 150 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 150 March 18th, 2017
150 issues strong! If you find value in ARW each week, please tell your fellow Hams about us
on social media and spread the word at your local club meeting. Thank you! K4HCK

Top links

Motorola sues Hytera over DMR
"Motorola Solutions believes that Hytera is intentionally infringing its intellectual property and misappropriating its trade secrets..."
DIY 137 MHz WX SAT V-dipole antenna
The center of the dipole is made of Choc Block terminals where the aluminum rods are secured.
LNA for All
Comparison: ADS-B Antennas under $50
I tested every antenna against the FlightAware 26 inch, which in my batch of tests served as my watermark due to it's performance.
Radio for Everyone
What the Heck is UHF Anyway?
Many times being loose with terminology doesn’t matter but there are times when using the right words can make a difference.
Ham Radio School
Testing FreeDV 700C
One of my goals is to develop a HF DV system that is competitive with analog SSB.
Setting up an APRS RX only iGate using a Raspberry Pi, RTL-SDR
The entire process detailed here should take less than half an hour to complete.
The day I sold my HF radios
I'm hearing of hams that are giving up on HF, or even ham radio entirely due to the band conditions.
Download: The VHF/UHF DX Book
I have heard this book mentioned in hushed reverence as the definitive guide to DXing on the VHF/UHF bands.
M0JCQ's Ham Blog
Diamond CP22E Antenna Review
The CP22E is a 2-meter monoband, 2-5/8 wavelength groundplane antenna, optimized for the U.S. amateur band.
Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum


Installing & Setting up Remote Control for your IC-7300
Our friends at the TX Factor have produced a video that goes through the step-by-step process of remote controlling an Icom.
Review: MFJ USB Radio Interface
This is a great device and is compatible with almost every radio.
Ham Radio Concepts
ARRL International DX Contest - Making a few contacts
Loads of fun! Thanks to everyone who participated, the bands were very active!
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