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Issue 151 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 151 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 151 March 25th, 2017

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ARRL publishes 60 Second Century videos
CEO Tom Gallagher, NY2RF, supplements monthly QST editorial with video.
80/40 Meter Loaded Dipole Antenna
The plan for this antenna was to build a lightweight 80/40 meter antenna for field use (as part of my Go Kit).
High on solder
Experimenting with my first remote antenna tuner
The transmitter doesn’t "see" an SWR at all — only an impedance resulting from the SWR.
The Doctor is In: Remote antenna tuners
Not every antenna tuner needs to be inside your station. Some do an even better job outdoors!
The Doctor is In
Would a membership survey help your club?
The goal is to make the club as relevant as it can be.
Monitoring NextGen ATC (on the cheap!)
A key component of next generation air traffic control is Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B).
First Meteor Scatter Contact
It's not exactly ground-breaking in the Amateur Radio world, but I'm pleased to have made my first "meteor scatter" contact.
Adventures in Science: Arduino Programming Syntax
This week, we look at what constitutes syntax in a programming language and how to employ it when writing code in Arduino.
SparkFun Electronics


How To Build A Powerpole Polarity Tester
I show you how to build a simple red/green LED Powerpole polarity tester. Along with a bit of Ohm's law.
Logging with AppleScript
We setup RUMLogNG, Fldigi and an AppleScript so Fldigi will log QSO's into RUMLogNG.
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