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Issue 152 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 152 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 152 April 1st, 2017

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New Bands! FCC Issues Rules for 630 & 2,200 Meters
The FCC on March 28 adopted rules that will allow secondary Amateur Radio access to 472-479 kHz (630 meters) and to 135.7-137.8 kHz (2,200 meters).
Three killed after storm chasers crash while pursuing tornado
A few miles west of Spur, Tex., three storm chasers died while tracking a tornado when their two vehicles collided at a rural intersection on Tuesday afternoon.
Washington Post
Getting Started In Amateur Radio Data Modes
We will discuss the rationale for operating amateur radio data modes, the pros and cons as they apply to the off grid ham, and factors to consider before getting started.
Off Grid Ham
Review: Bioenno Power LiFePo4 Batteries
I’ve been using Bioenno’s 9aH LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) for over a year now with great success – even to power my 100 watt rig.
New power distribution kit build
I would highly recommend this power distribution center kit to anyone interested in learning what goes into making one and as a side benefit save a bit of money.
The Real Rich Hand
Make a 2.4 GHz Yagi with paper clips and popsicle sticks
It’s more like a 2.4 GHz field strength meter. The board on the antenna beam is a SparkFun ESP8266 Thing, which includes an Arduino-compatible microcontroller and a WiFi interface.


Documentary: The DXer and the Technician
This true story is about two amateur radio operators who have been friends for over 35 years.
Essex 2 meter activity afternoon
Much of the activity is in FM and via the GB3DA repeater at Danbury. However there is also activity using CW, SSB, SSTV and other digital modes.
CW (Morse Code) QSO on 30m
The key is an old Navy Flameproof straight key.
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