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Issue 153 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 153 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 153 April 8th, 2017

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First transceiver with built-in FreeDV
"All Ham Band" RS-918SSB HF SDR Transceiver offers FreeDV as an operating mode.
Digital Amateur Television from the International Space Station
In principle, the HamVideo DATV transmitter is permanently transmitting from Columbus, the European ISS module.
Same-band "Dueling CQs" now prohibited in all ARRL Contests
ARRL has clarified its contest rules to clearly prohibit the practice of interleaved CQs.
Keeping New Radio Hams
Crucially, the Camb-Hams have no committee, no finances (so no subscription), and any amateur who wants to call him/herself a 'Camb-Ham' is automatically a member.
The FCC is requiring radio amateurs be at least 1 km from electric power transmission lines using Power Line Carrier (PLC) systems on those bands.
Radio Artisan
RF Propagation Analytics
See which bands are open now.
The University of Alabama
GNU Radio decoder for AO-73
The modulation that the FUNcube satellites use is DBPSK at 1200baud. The coding is based on a CCSDS concatenated code with a convolutional code and Reed-Solomon, but it makes extensive use of interleaving to combat the fading caused by the spin of the spacecraft.


Decapsulating a ceramic integrated circuit
Decapsulation (decapping) a ceramic integrated circuit to get at the die is easy with MAP gas.
Standing Inside a broadcast transmitter while it's on
See inside a Gates BC-250-GY broadcast transmitter from the 40's era.
Mr. Carlson's Lab
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