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Issue 157 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 157 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 157 May 20th, 2017

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Flex Radio announces New Flex-6400, Flex-6600
"M" versions include a large touchscreen and physical knobs on the face of the unit.
Flex Radio
2017 Hamvention: setup day photos
Since the Greene County Fairgrounds lack the number of indoor exhibitor space, they are using large white event tents to add covered square footage.
The SWLing Post
Updated band chart available from ARRL
ARRL has revised and updated its "US Amateur Radio Bands" charts, and these now are available for download.
JT-Mapper: Real-time JT65 and JT9 Maps
I've found myself constantly looking up grid squares while trying to get a sense of the band's propagation. With all this information already in my computer, I decided that my computer could do more to visualize my radio environment.
Meteor Detector for HDSDR
Analyse the automatic real time waterfalls from HDSDR to locate meteor scatter.
Contemplating remote ops
The city council decision to deny my request for ANY antenna has stood and I think I've given up pursuing any kind of external antenna at the current QTH.
All Amateur satellites
A comprehensive list of all Amateur Radio satellites including modes and frequencies.
FreeDV 700D – First Over The Air Tests
I’m impressed! Conditions were pretty bad on 40m, the band was “closed”. This is day 1 of FreeDV 700D. It will improve from here.
Portable HF operations
With everything ready to go, I turned on the transceiver to find the bands alive with good strong signals being received on 20 meters from across the US as well as further south into Mexico and South America.
Jerry's Journal


Review: Military 2.0 Multiband Tuner Free HF Alpha Antenna
The antenna covers the 80-10 meter Bands.
Videos by Mike
My first Summits on the Air Activation
Activating Shovel Mountain, located in Central Texas, USA, W5T-NT033.
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