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Issue 159 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 159 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 159 June 3rd, 2017

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Urban HF Noise
Over the past 30 years, HF radio noise in urban areas has steadily increased. S6-S9 noise levels are common, which makes it hard to listen to the signals we want to receive.
Radio controlled pacemakers are easily hacked
Doctors use RF signals to adjust pacemakers so that instead of slicing a patient open, they can change the pacemakers parameters which in turn avoids unnecessary surgery.
Hack A Day
Adding ethernet lightning protection to the shack
The whole idea with isolation is to reduce the vulnerability of the on-board Flex-6700’s Ethernet adapter to stray static or electrical charge energizing a CAT6e cable.
Shifting to Linux
Maybe you are surprised to find a Windows vs Linux reading in 2017.
FCC issues Licensee a Notice of Violation for Pirate Broadcasting
FCC agents monitored the apparent unlicensed signal 93.7 MHz and used direction-finding techniques "to positively locate" its source as Hilden’s residence.
A tour of the QB50 Cubsat Constellation
There are some unexpected Amateur satellites in the recording, as they happened to be over the horizon at the time of the pass.
Daniel Estévez
GPS timing for JT modes
Not many amateurs use GPS timing instead of a NTP internet timing.
Project Amelia Earhart: work air mobile station as it travels the world
Here’s an opportunity for both ham radio operators and SWLs to log this special event air mobile station throughout June and July.
The SWLing Post


Hamvention 2017 AMSAT Demonstration W3ZM Oscar 7 Satellite
Can Hams do some amazing things or what? W3ZM Radio Amateur Satellite Corp (N8HM, Paul) making 5 contacts at the 2017 Hamvention.
Motorcycle mobile ham radio installations
Descriptive overview of two motorcycle mobile amateur radio installations: 2013 Zero S electric motorcycle with Yaesu FTM-10R radio and Comet SBB-5 antenna, 2003 Honda VFR800 with Yaesu FT-60R radio and Comet HP-32FHN antenna.