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Issue 160 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 160 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 160 June 10th, 2017

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IRLP rules them all
Superior to all the new digital voice modes – combined.
Digital revolution or evolution?
Few or even no CW / SSB signals on the HF bands while at the same time seeing lots of activity throughout the digital portion of the bands.
More Antennas! Receiver Overload! Satellites!
In my never-ending quest to develop the perfect high-altitude ballooning chase car, I've added a commercial 70cm turnstile antenna.
RF Head
Why choose the Icom 7300 over the 7610?
You can buy three Icom 7300's for the same price as a single Icom 7610!
M0JCQ's Ham Blog
The 6m band holy grail
For us here in Europe the holy grail of the 6m band would be working Japan on 50MHz.
Hamradio Line Loss Calculator for iOS devices
Coax Line from Federico Romano, IW2MVI is a simple and fast app that allows you to calculate the loss of your coax line.
Mac Ham Radio
Monitoring railroad ATCS control signals with an RTL-SDR
ATCS is used for things like communications between trains, rail configuration data, train location data, speed enforcement, fuel monitoring, train diagnostics and general instructions and messages.
Hamvention improvements already in the works for 2018
The food and forum venues at the new location got high marks, but the flea market suffered badly from the effects of heavy rainfall.


Sporadic E Skip on 10 Meter hand held radio
Be sure to check out 10 meters and 6 meters for sporadic E propagation late mornings or in the evenings. Now is a good time of the year.
Ham radio kite antenna prototype
Our first incarnation of the kite antenna using a smaller kite.
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