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Issue 163 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 163 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 163 July 1st, 2017

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13 Colonies Special Event July 1 - 7
13 Colonies is an annual Special Event held during the 4th Of July Week. Those who participate try to make contact with all 13 Colony Stations, and the 2 Bonus Stations.
Key to soldering: pace yourself
This nine-episode-long series is what retaught me to solder, and is a masterpiece, both in content and execution.
Hack A Day
Receiving Jupiter noise bursts
The planet Jupiter is known to emit bursts of noise via natural ‘radio lasers’ powered partly by the planet's interaction with the electrically conductive gases emitted by Io, one of the the planet's moons.
Observe August's eclipse with your AM radio
Distant radio stations along and near to the path of totality might briefly experience enhanced propagation.
Sky & Telescope
Setting up JT modes with the Elecraft KX3
With quicker turn around times – the JT modes will become even more attractive for folks operating portable (less power consumption) and contesting (quicker contacts).
Radio meteor detection via NWS Weather Radio
It appears most of the bursts are being caused by reflections from local aircraft.
The Net of Stars
Field Day Photos: Nashville Amateur Radio Club
Bow & arrow and all.
Ya gotta love Field Day
I got all of about two hours sleep on Sunday morning, finally just crashing out on one of the camping chairs.
N9TAX 2m Slim Jim Antenna review
Erroneous specs aside, the N9TAX VHF SlimJim antenna is an exemplary dipole.
Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum


WI Valley Radio Association ARRL Field Day 2017
The Wisconsin Valley Radio Association, an amateur radio club in Wausau, WI participated in the ARRL Field Day event with a 4A station (callsign W9NA).
Ham Radio satellite tracker by K4WOF
Filmed at the 2017 ARRL Field Day event in Vero Beach Florida of Jerry K4WOF and his satellite tracker he built himself using plans available online.
Some of the sights and sounds of ARRL Field Day 2017 hosted at the Orange County EOC.
FSQ: A new digital chat mode
Overview and demo of FSQ digital mode.
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