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Issue 168 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 168 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 168 August 5th, 2017

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Hara Arena to be auctioned by IRS
The minimum bid is $850,000; proceeds will satisfy a tax lien.
Amateur Radio and The Maker Community
Makers generally use radios as a means of achieving a larger goal whereas radio amateurs generally use radios as a means of communicating.
A rediscovery of TV antennas
Almost a third of Americans (29%) are unaware television is available for free.
The ghostly radio station that no one claims to run
MDZhB has been broadcasting since 1982. No one knows why.
Antenna Summer – part 2
I finally went further on my quest to erect a better antenna for 20 meters.
Ham pushes village to allow zoning exception for front-yard antenna
Should there be a way for government to give one person the right, just one time, to exceed the letter of the law, without changing that law for all time for everybody that comes after that person?
Chicago Tribune
Wolf River Coil Silver Bullet – the ultimate portable vertical antenna
Once I threw a few radials underneath the antenna, I was hearing like I had never heard before.
Deployable VHF crossed Yagi antenna for CubeSats
Sean Hum VA3SHV and Jeff Nicholls VA3NGJ worked on the design for a deployable VHF crossed Yagi antenna on the recently launched NORsat-2.
WSPR comparison: vertical vs. dipole
My quick analysis indicates the vertical had the edge over the dipole in distance and total spots.
Ham Radio promotional posters
The six posters are based around the theme, "Ham Radio Is..."


FT-8 HF/6m digital mode introduction for beginners
This is an introduction for someone who has never heard of FT-8, or has never has used JT-65.
Antenna tram
2X Array installed @ 50'
Solar power inverter interference 30mhz to 120mhz
This is what happens if you or your neighbors install a dodgy quality solar power system.
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