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Field Day round-up, vanity call fee increase, lightening detection, more...
Field Day round-up, vanity call fee increase, lightening detection, more...
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 17 July 5th, 2014

Field Day 2014 round-up

Wow! Field Day 2014!
The South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club in Spring Lake Park in South Plainfield, NJ operated Field Day for the first time! We used Club call NJ2SP, and ran as 2A (Battery).
My first time attending Field Day
I spent this Field Day with the Hurst ARC out at Chisolm Park in Hurst, Texas.
Field Day on Mt. Kearsarge in New Hampshire
We only operated for 3 hours, but we had a fantastic time and worked stations in Washington, Oregon, California and New Mexico among many others.
Field Day 2014: Smaller, but funner
For a while there, it almost looked as though Field Day wasn’t going to get off the ground. For some reason, which I never quite understood, and to be honest, didn’t want to get too involved in, our old venue didn’t want us back.
ISS Active for Field Day
Audio of NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman KF5LKT, operating as NA1SS from the International Space Station during Field Day 2014.
Video: SSTV on Field Day 2014
K7AGE dragged out a bunch of radios, computer, iPhone and iPad to demonstrate ham radio slow scan television (SSTV) at field day.
Video: Great local news coverage of Field Day from WHNT, Huntsville
All across North America, operators are setting up antennas and radios just like in a real emergency.

Top links

FCC Seeks to Raise Vanity Call Sign Fee to $21.60
The FCC is requesting to raise the Amateur Service vanity call sign regulatory fee from its current $16.10 to $21.60 for the 10-year license term.
FM transponder active as LituanicaSAT-1 enters its final weeks in space
The LituanicaSAT-1 OSCAR-78/LO-78 Amateur Radio FM transponder has been activated, perhaps for the last time.

How to

How to get your license in the USA
A quick write-up describing my (KK4HSX) path to getting licensed in the United States. (Thanks to Enjoy Ham Radio for the post!)
Enjoy Ham Radio
Contribute to a worldwide lightning detection network, Blitzortung is a lightning detection network for the location of electromagnetic discharges in the atmosphere (lightning discharges) based on the time of arrival (TOA) and time of group arrival (TOGA) method.
High altitude ballooning and tracking
Some great information from M6GTG on high altitude ballooning featuring the VAYU-NTX tracker and a prototype tracker (NERDTEST).

And finally...

Morse Code chat room
Use the spacebar to transmit!
Amateur Radio Weekly is curated by KK4HSX. Thank you for reading! 73!
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