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Issue 171 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 171 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 171 September 2nd, 2017

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Longest distance Amateur 3.4 GHz contact via Moon
Matthew Cosby and Noel Matthews (G8GTZ) talk about massive dishes, Moon bounces and making a world record.
Charging a laptop from 12V
I'm charging a little HP laptop which takes 19.5V so the converter is set to that and all boxed up nicely.
marxy's musing on technology
Maritime mobile operation on LF may be a first for Amateur Radio
What began as a “let’s-see-if-we-can-do-this” effort resulted in successful Amateur Radio contacts on 475 kHz.
Ofcom takes action against repeater abuse
Ofcom has mandated that GB3DY at Wirksworth and GB3EE at Chesterfield go silent for 14 days.
Essex Ham
Fine tuning noise floor testing methodology
Hot vs cold assumption: A colder dongle has a lower noise floor.
Radio for Everyone
RadioShack dealers unleashed by latest bankruptcy
The future is bright for franchisees, a Wisconsin dealer says.
Recognize your Elmer
ARRL's Elmer Award and mentor program.
Waterfalls from the eclipse
You can see waterfalls for the 3 bands. They use the same scaling, with a dynamic range of 50dB, so it is easy to see how the noise floor changes per band.
Daniel Estévez
Worked All Europe from a train station
I tossed a half wave wire over a maple tree on the hill overlooking the old station. There was a picnic table directly underneath. I used the KX3 on 20 meters.


Overcoming mic fright and making your first radio contact on the air
A few tips to encourage those that might be suffering from an easily curable ailment called 'mic fright.'
Mobile antenna setup
Mobile in the car with a Chameleon Antenna.
CRT Cataract Repair
A tutorial on removing CRT cataracts from old screens.
John Sutley
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