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Issue 174 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 174 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 174 September 23rd, 2017

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EURAO Party: DMR meeting on the air
Connect to EURAO Talk Group 9201 to have fun and meet other hams, or just do SWLing.
D-STAR QSO Party 2017
Talk to the world by connecting to D-STAR repeaters around the globe.
In devastated Dominica, 'Hams' become vital communications link
Hams set up a Facebook page from their home in Craftsbury, Vt., to act as a clearinghouse for whatever information they could glean through the airwaves via ham operators on Dominica.
EMCOMM real talk: Lessons from Irma
The recent storms seemed to reignite the ever-smoldering embers of Ham Radio's place in EMCOMM. No surprise to see the many hams out in force debating the relevance of Amateur Radio in an emergency.
Ham Radio 360
Look no further than the waterfall
It's not much of a stretch to proclaim that there's considerably more activity on the HF digital modes than can be found on CW.
The joy of the QSO
Many of us spend a lot of time in the hobby, so where is the meaning, where is the value added to our lives?
How Grey Line propagation works
One of the most fascinating propagational irregularities is the effect of the grey line on HF radio comms.
Delta Alfa
Promoting more "Field Day" style events.


Very simple portable dipole
Here's my ultra-portable 40m wire dipole that is held up by a 6m squid pole anchored to an aluminium ground stake.
Peter Marks
Passing ARRL Field Day messages the easy way with packet radio
The usual CW and phone traffic nets get clogged easily during this crush, but with packet radio you can egress the messages via radio accurately and quickly.
DIY portable LiFePO4 power for Ham Radio QRP QRO
For the ham radio operator in the field, portable battery power needs to be light enough, small enough, modular, have enough capacity, and above all it should be possible to replenish it off-grid.
Simple SWR indicator for QRP
Simple homebrew SWR indicator for QRP, just a ferrite, a wire and a LED.
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