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Issue 175 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 175 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 175 September 30th, 2017

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Hams are saving Puerto Rico one transmission at a time
Ham operators work shoulder to shoulder with public safety and utility officials to transmit information to other ham operators working with teams in the field.
Getting started on the new LF and MF bands
If you are thinking of getting on either of these new bands, particularly 630m, here is a short Q & A that may help you through the initial planning stage of how to get started.
Revised ARRL Frequency Chart available
The PDF chart has been updated to include our new bands at 2,200 and 630 meters.
FalconSAT-3 now open for amateur radio use
The Air Force Academy satellite FalconSAT-3 is now open for amateur radio use as a digital store-and-forward system.
North Korea 'aggressively' jamming BBC's radio service
Loud noise is deliberately broadcast over a foreign station to make it difficult or impossible to listen to.
The Telegraph
BITX40 QRP Transceiver overview
I made a few changes. I had a couple of 6mm shaft knobs that I wanted to use that did not fit the potentiometers that were supplied. I also wanted to implement a couple of the simplest and most useful mods.
High on Solder
Retrotechtacular: An oceanographic data station buoy for the 1960s
The film details the development through the early 1960s of one of the first automated remote ocean sensor buoys.
Hack A Day
View from above (antenna sunset photos)
As every amateur shutterbug has learned, it’s nigh on impossible to capture the true beauty of the setting sun. That is, unless of course you’re a ham radio antenna perched at the summit of a lofty tower, high in the heavens.
Delta Alfa


N1MM Logger Spectrum Monitor Display
Logger Spectrum Monitor will not work unless the Icom 7300 Spectrum Scope is running. Change the Icom 7300 to CENTER and watch what you can do with the N1MM Logger Spectrum Monitor.
The SharkRF OpenSPOT review
This is the long version video of the QST review video (October 2017 edition).
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