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Issue 176 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 176 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 176 October 7th, 2017

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Hams in Puerto Rico install repeater, work with hospitals, reunification
The installation of a VHF Amateur Radio repeater on a mountain peak in El Yunque National Forest now gives radio coverage to approximately 60% of Puerto Rico.
FCC grants temporary waiver to permit higher baud rates
The temporary waiver is limited to Amateur Radio operators in Puerto Rico using PACTOR 3 and PACTOR 4 emissions.
New ham radio equipment for ISS
We will remove the 3 watt Ericsson handheld radio system, initially certified for flight in 1999, and the Packet module–both of which have recently had issues—and install a brand-new, specially modified 25 watt JVC Kenwood D710GA radio.
Autumn antenna adventures with Arduino
These guys from Italy took Atmel’s AVR chips and put them on a board with an easy to use USB interface and an integrated development environment, which uses a dialect of C. Weehee, could it get any better?
Discord for young Hams
Discord is a free voice and text chatting app well suited for gamers.
World's largest telescope stopped by LED
Earlier this year a simple indicator LED brought the Keck 1 telescope, a 370 tons mass, to a halting stop. How exactly did an LED do this? Simple: it did nothing.
Hack A Day
Chicago Cubs special event
Members of the Metro DX Club will operate special event station W9C between October 2-8th, to celebrate the first anniversary of the Chicago Cubs winning the 2016 World Series.
FCC chief tells Apple to turn on iPhone's FM radio chip
Following the devastation from recent hurricanes, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says Apple should "step up to the plate" and put Americans' safety first.


The lost art of tuning a radio
The BBC's David Sillito asks young people to tune a radio.
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