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Ten-tec factory photos, high altitude balloons & video, NASA + CB + Shuttle
Ten-tec factory photos, high altitude balloons & video, NASA + CB + Shuttle
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 18 July 12th, 2014

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High Altitude Balloons to transmit SSDV this weekend
Radio amateur Philip Crump (M0DNY) plans a number of High Altitude Balloon (HAB) flights this weekend transmitting Slow Scan Digital Video (SSDV).
2 meter transatlantic contact a partial success
The team is on the air as VC1T from grid GN37os on 144.155 MHz and has said a station in Ireland was able to copy parts of three transmissions.
ICE spacecraft recovery effort appears at an impasse
"Our first series of burns, we thought went okay," Cowing told the reporter. "And then when we went to the second set, pretty much nothing happened."
CB radio, Betty Ford played role in naming of shuttle Enterprise
NASA had initially planned to name the first Space Shuttle Constitution. Now, declassified White House documents reveal what convinced President Gerald Ford to overrule that decision and thrill Star Trek fans by calling it Enterprise.
The World Cup on shortwave, continents apart
Without local broadcasters available, World Cup matches were available on shortwave radio via the BBC World Service on 11,810 kHz out of Ascension Island.
The SWLing Post
Photos from the Ten-Tec factory in Tennessee
AA7BQ visited the Ten-Tec factory and came back with some great photos of the facility.
First signals heard from UKube-1
Following its July 8 launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, UKube-1 — the UK Space Agency's first CubeSat — has been heard around the world.
6 months of exclusively transmitting QRP of 5 watts for digital modes
I decided to do digimode in 2014 exclusively QRP. That means 5watts or less power. So far the results are promising.

How to

Getting started on Ham Radio 2 meter FM
In this series of Ham Radio videos, I'll show you how to program a 2 meter HT to get on the air along with some of the basics of 2 meter FM
Modifying the Signalink USB Interface
Geoff White (G8APM) found that his SignaLink USB interface didn't cover the full 500 Hz to 2500 Hz bandwidth needed for advanced data modes.


Wouxun X1M Pro (Platinum) QRP transceiver reviewed
The Wouxun X1M Pro is a budget low-powered HF rig that covers 0.1 to 30 MHz. You can buy this either as a kit, or fully assembled.
Essex Ham
Mega review: The SWLing Post reviews 4 shortwave receivers
The SWLing Post reviews the Tecsun PL-880, PL-660, Sangean ATS-909X, and Sony ICF-SW7600GR shortwave receivers
The SWLing Post

And finally...

Why Nikola Tesla was the greatest geek who ever lived (NSFW)
July 10, 1856 was Nikola Tesla's birthday. This comic by The Oatmeal explains why Tesla was so great.
The Oatmeal
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