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Issue 180 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 180 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 180 November 11th, 2017

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The ARRL International Grid Chase
The year-long event hopes to build on the success of the highly successful 2016 National Parks on the Air. The objective is to work stations on any band in as many different Maidenhead grid squares as possible.
160m FT8 ā€“ The end of an era?
If you follow any of the numerous ham radio-related discussion groups then you know that every once in awhile a thread pops up that triggers some extended and often heated chat.
Become an APRS Weather Alert Station
noaacap uses the NOAA CAP (Common Alerting) protocol and the Atom feeds published by the National Weather Service. Installation is quick and simple if you have a running aprx system.
Flying with lithium batteries
As I made my way through the security line, the battery was naturally flagged for further inspection. Eventually the security folks cleared it, pending approval from the airline.
6m J-Pole antenna
The antenna is manufactured from square aluminium tube, welded and with a perspex spacer at the top of the J.
marxy's musing on technology
Encounters with the dead
All this has gotten me to thinking about how Iā€™d like my websites to be handled once I become an SK.
FA-VA4 antenna analyzer kit
The case is a brushed aluminum with attention to detail such as counter sunk screws for securing case, the LCD and buttons lined up perfectly and a nice touch was not having stick on rubber feet.
Build a lightning detector
Basic lightning detector schematic.
The Spirit of Knoxville
The Spirit of Knoxville is a high-altitude balloon project run by amateur scientists and University of Tennessee students, with the ultimate goal of successfully sending an unmanned balloon across the Atlantic Ocean.
How the integrated circuit came to be
It may surprise you that the microchip that we all know and love today was far from an obvious idea.
Hack A Day
Cape San Blas Florida Lighthouse activation
Saturday, Nov. 11, 1500 UTC to 1900 UTC.


First look: New Ailunce HD1 dual band DMR radio
This brand new high power dual band DMR radio made specifically for amateurs is about to be released.
DX Monster antenna
Even with the current solar cycle as it is, I am making more DX contacts now than I ever have over 25 years. Part of my luck must be given to the new digital mode called FT8, but I am also of the mind that my antenna is doing a fine job.
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