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Issue 182 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 182 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 182 November 25th, 2017

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Millennials are killing Ham Radio
Maker Movement, digital modes are killing the hobby.
Is the Internet destroying Amateur Radio?
Although there are plenty of "keep the internet out of amateur radio" folks in the hobby, there are many more that have found clever ways to make use of the internet.
FT-8: I'm not really feeling the magic
If you're one of those guys who wants to make contacts, but doesn't really want to talk to anyone, then this is the mode for you.
Best digital mode...? Not really
I have yet to download the latest WSJT-X release, as I presently have no need, nor see the need to use FT8.
AO-91 satellite declared open for Amateur use
AO-91 was built as a partnership with Vanderbilt University featuring the Fox-1 style FM U/v repeater with an uplink on 435.250 MHz (67.0 Hz CTCSS) and a downlink on 145.960 MHz.
NASA On the Air for 2018
Club stations at NASA facilities plan to be on the air with special events to celebrate these milestones and we are offering commemorative QSL cards and a special certificate.
NASA On The Air
Bitcoin and weak frequency signals
Two individuals introduced a project which secures consensus proofs with weak signal radio propagation.
Ignored by telecoms, Detroit residents are building their own Internet
40 percent of Detroit residents don't have any access to internet at all.
Junker: Unfortunate name for a great key
The Junker D.B.G.M. is one of the finest telegraph keys ever manufactured.
Ham Radio QRP
A photographic tour of Universal Radio's new location
In October, Universal Radio moved from their large Reynoldsburg, Ohio retail store and warehouse to a smaller retail store and warehouse at 651-B Lakeview Plaza, Worthington, Ohio.
The SWLing Post


Amazon Alexa and Amateur Radio
APRS, DMR, learning CW, and more with Amazon Alexa.
Essex Ham
Tuning 40m in low noise location
I've spent a couple of days at a very low noise location. Here's me tuning 40m in the afternoon.
All WX solar powered Amateur Radio field station
The concept for a rapidly deployable, man-portable field station, came to me after the grid down disaster caused by Hurricane Maria.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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