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Issue 183 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 183 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 183 December 2nd, 2017

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Slow Scan TV from International Space Station Dec 5-6
The MAI-75 SSTV system in the Russian Service Module will be put through some extended testing.
What the heck is the ARRL Board thinking?
In effect, this is a gag order on a director if he disagrees with a Board decision.
KX2 firmware upgrade to increase power output
The latest KX2 field-test firmware allows power output to be set as high as 12 watts.
Success with the new AO-91 FM satellite
I did an AO-91 pass at 2 AM Sunday morning with the Kenwood TH-D72A. It was very different. It sounded crystal clear just like a local repeater.
Using a Baofeng handheld to work Amateur Radio Satellites
I’m a brand new ham as of October 2017, and I had a really fun experience listening to RadFxSat Fox-1B AO-91 yesterday.
Come join the fun with Olivia on HF
Olivia offers keyboard-to-keyboard chatting for when you want to relax, and maybe make a friend.
VHF/UHF FM/DSTAR/DMR mobile installation
The setup includes an ICOM ID-4100 running on FM and D-Star on the VHF band, and a Hytera MD-652 running on FM and DMR on the UHF band.
Icom IC-R7100 and its clicking noise
Every time the squelch opens or closes, it produces a clicking noise.
EMCOMM Go Kit – Power Box
All together the power box weighs just under 31.5 lbs.
High on Solder
UK Amateur Radio license stats
Amateur Radio population in the UK has grown by approximately 10% over the past 5 years.
Oldest Ham F8IL, SK
Jean Touzot, F8IL, of Albi, France — said to have been the world's oldest radio amateur — has died.


Failed SOTA Activation
Round trip: 10 miles with a 3,900 elevation change.
Getting Started with Chameleon F-LOOP 2.0 Magloop Antenna
The Chameleon F-LOOP 2.0 is a modular magnetic loop antenna system, which follows the Lego block philosophy often employed by Chameleon Antenna.

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