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Issue 186 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 186 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 186 December 23rd, 2017

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FCC penalizes marketer of Ham-band drone
The FCC has imposed a $180,000 civil penalty on a Sarasota, Florida, company that had been marketing noncompliant audio-visual transmitters intended for use on drones in violation of the Commission's Amateur Service and marketing rules.
Building a QRP Field Day Station
It helps to test the station set up in advance. The hub of my station is the Elecraft KX3 transceiver. A new addition is the Elecraft PX3 spectrum scope. Now add a computer and logging software, and you have a few things to integrate.
Homebrew LF Antenna
The main loop is made of 35 turns of enameled copper wire of 0.35mm diameter.
Time warp: Simulated Novice FCC Morse Code exam
Novice Morse proficiency exam practice.
Using a mixing console in the shack
If you have a few receivers kicking around in your radio shack, this is one way to hook them all together and send their audio on to your favourite monitoring speakers.
The SWLing Post
One of oldest U.S. radio stations to go dark
Unofficial accounts indicate that KQV started out as “special amateur station” 8ZAE, to be used by the Doubleday-Hill Electric Company primarily for two-way communication.
Build a Nixie Tube power supply
I finally received a batch of 1n-14 nixie tubes that I purchased from ebay for a future clock project. The tubes need a power supply that can supply 170 volts DC, which I didn’t have, so I built one.
Is Amateur Radio still relevant?
For over half a century, the BBC has had its own amateur radio group. Now, after several years of planning, the group’s latest home has just opened in BBC Broadcasting House in London, UK.
BBC World Service
Why bother getting an Amateur Radio License?
The Federal Communications Commission provided US citizens with an amazing opportunity to experiment with and develop innovative technology when creating Part 97.


Xiegu X108G HF Transceiver review and on-air test
This little gem is pretty awesome. An HF radio that covers 1.8-30mhz with USB PC rig control through Ham Radio Deluxe and other software.

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