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Issue 188 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 188 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 188 January 6th, 2018

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mcHF QRP transceiver kit
The choice of architecture is a direct conversion receiver and transmitter, with a small micro-controller to provide control and DSP functions. The analog blocks in this implementation were kept to the bare minimum.
Prepare to get your grid on
What’s your grid square? Be prepared to answer that question a lot in 2018. The ARRL International Grid Chase 2018 has begun.
Amateur Radio: Narrowband communications in a broadband world
My day job is focused on wider bandwidths and higher frequencies. Then I go home and play amateur radio which is a narrowband, low frequency activity.
D-star, DMR, Fusion, Which is right for you?
Each of these modes has a place and my goal is to help you decide which one fits you the best.
An Antenna in Every Pot | AO-40
You start out shopping with the group for antenna parts at the local electronics surplus store as the entire plot of this segment was that spacecraft don’t have to be expensive.
Keep in touch with the hams in your life and help prevent isolation
The AARP reports that more than 8 million adults age 50 and older are affected by isolation.
Exploring options for DIY waterproofing
TL;DR — Don’t use silicone to pot electronics.
Hack A Day
New digital mode puts beacon off air
The Barossa Valley beacon VK5RBV has been switched off to avoid interfering with stations running FT8.
A CODAR advent
Over the last few days, I have been recording CODAR on 4463kHz to produce images of the ionosphere.
Yaesu FT-857: No TX audio fix
The symptom was that it was transmitting carrier on FM, but no audio was being transmitted. Embarrasing, and potentially expensive.
Essex Ham


Exploring abandoned Hara Arena
The facilities include a bar pub, ballroom, conference center, ice rink, and 4 exhibition halls. This place is huge!
One Occupied
How to seal coax connectors
This method can be applied to many other applications and works great to keep moisture out of your connectors & antennas.
The Apollo 13 Squawk Box
How astronaut families listened to mission audio via their homes.

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