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Issue 189 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 189 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 189 January 13th, 2018

Top links

Fox-1D launched, initial telemetry received
Initial telemetry values appear nominal.
Ham Radio 360: FaradayRF – Open Source Digital Radio
We pull back the veil and get a glimpse of the future… "Challenging the notion of making a contact."
Ham Radio 360
ARRL revises changes to Articles of Association and By-Laws
The ARRL Executive Committee is scaling back proposed changes to its Articles of Association and By-Laws.
CQ Magazine
Monitoring power meters with an RTL-SDR
And with one simple command, I was reading the power (and probably water) meters for my entire neighborhood.
Baofeng APRS PTT controller
Baofeng radios trigger the ptt by shorting the sleeves of the two audio connectors. I isolated the audio lines with two audio transformers and set up the pi to trigger the transistor with a GPIO pin.
TyMD380toolz for Tytera MD-380
Now that I have the worldwide database of DMR users loaded onto the radio, its like having caller ID on my HT.
Amateur astronomers track secretive spy satellites for fun
If Zuma is still up there, there’s a small group of people who will be ready and watching for it to reappear in a week, when its projected orbit should bring it out of Earth’s shadow and into the daylight.
Popular Science
Why a maritime forecast is so beloved in the United Kingdom
This weather report has been making waves for 150 years.
Atlas Obscura


How Hedy Lamarr changed the world with radio
An overview of frequency hopping.
A tip to keep track of charged batteries
This is a little cheap tip I picked up to keep track of the status of multiple charges batteries.
N4KGL FM satellite setup
This is my gear I am using for operating on FM amateur radio satellites like SO-50.
Pocket DATV
Minimal Digital TV chain: Transmitter and Receiver. Hardware used on Tx: PiZero, Picam, LimeSDR Mini. Hardware used on Rx: Raspberry Pi 2, RTL-SDR.

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