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Issue 190 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 190 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 190 January 20th, 2018

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A note to members from ARRL President Rick Roderick
To those who try to suggest that the Board has abandoned its obligation to the members in favor of the organization — you draw a distinction that doesn’t exist.
ARRL CEO to retire
Gallagher, 69, cited recent changes included in the new federal tax law that made it unattractive for him to continue working.
ARRL: It's not just the bylaws that need changin'
To this day, neither Mr. Gallagher nor anyone from the BOD has been willing to answer "Why?"
AO-92 transponder and camera tested, further camera tests planned
The first thirty-six hours of AO-92’s life in orbit have seen a flurry of activity as the AMSAT Engineering and Operations teams walk through an extensive checklist of tests.
DPØGVN WSPR beacon in Antarctica is operational
The multiband receiver of the new permanent WSPR beacon DPØGVN in Antarctica has been put into operation.
Anticipating Winter Field Day Jan 27/28
The antenna will be a 100-foot loop 30 feet across 20 feet vertical fed at the bottom with an Icom AH4 tuner. This antenna takes up only 30 linear feet, needs no trees. and was designed to fit the campsite.
[PDF] FT8 Operating Guide
Work the world on HF using the new digital mode.
SSTV with a Baofeng
The Baofeng speaker mic would make the perfect donor for a cable between the radio and audio connection of a computer / smartphone.
Essex Ham
3D-printed radio works, despite having no battery
Called a crystal radio receiver, or sometimes a “cat’s whisker receiver,” this is an incredibly simple type of radio receiver that was popular in the earliest days of radio.
Digital Trends


My first uBitX contact
First contact made with my ubitx transceiver after the initial wiring.
Smith Chart: Z, VSWR, reflection coef and transmission line effects
This video gets into several practical aspects of using a Smith Chart to take care of doing complex calculations involving VSWR, reflection coefficient (gamma and rho), return loss, and the impedance transformations that occur when using transmission line between a source (generator, transmitter, etc.) and the load (antenna, amplifier input, etc.).

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