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Issue 194 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 194 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 194 February 17th, 2018

Top links

Yaesu FT-817 replacement details leaked
Finally, the replacement for the very successful Yaesu FT-817nd is about to see the light of day.
APRS over HF
HFAPRS with APRS Messenger & DroidPSK.
Send APRS to email via Xastir on RF
You may only send one line messages of 64 total characters maximum for the message.
S55MA Ham Blog
KM4LAO brings Ham Radio hobby, expertise to campus
Willet, who is double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics, first got licensed in June 2015 as a ham radio operator because of her interest in Morse code.
Kettering University
Build a Milk Crate AM Broadcast Loop Antenna
It's small enough to maneuver around easily, but big enough to give it some gain, so I can listen to daytime DX.
Shortwave / Medium Wave
Inside the desperate fight to keep old TVs alive
Behind a nondescript Manhattan storefront, Chi-Tien Lui is stockpiling objects many people wouldn’t think twice about trashing: cathode ray tube televisions.
The Verge
1940s transmitter finds new home
The massive transmitter is being moved from the former RCI site to the former Dorchester jail.


Video over HF
FreeDV plus Video adds a new dimension: A QSO where you're able to listen to and see the other operator.
Quartzfest 2018 part 1
Jeri Ellsworth, AI6TK, and Amy Herndon, AI6ZU, at Quartzfest.
A visit to Orlando Hamcation 2018
Hamcation video highlights.
Retro Tech & Electronics

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