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Issue 195 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 195 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 195 February 24th, 2018

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Rescue on Uncompahgre Peak
A teenage boy came up to me and said he had been sent to “find the guy with the radio” because a girl had been hit by a rock down below and was hurt.
FCC: Bitcoin miner interfered with T-Mobile network
Bitcoin miner generated spurious emissions in 700MHz, disrupting T-Mobile LTE.
Ars Technica
Low cost carry bag for Elecraft KX3
This week I found a Manfrotto shoulder camera bag for $20 that fits it very well.
Marxy's musing on technology
VARA Modem brings state of the art Military grade technology to new and existing HF data.
Diversity in the shack
The Raspberry Pi has opened up the opportunity to provide low cost services. I have one as an APRS igate, one that runs my SatNOGS ground station and that was it until last week when I put an unused older Pi2 to good use as an ADSB receiver using a system called PiAware.
DIY LiFePO4 battery pack for the Yaesu FT-891
This first pack (128wh) is a lightweight rapid deployment pack.
High school students go 'Ham' with Amateur Radio competition
In the school's first year competing, 90 students signed up to participate.
Reporter Herald
J antenna variations
Here we see five variations on the basic J antenna (aka J-pole).


Charging and discharging a LiFePO4 battery at the same time
I demonstrate what happens when you try to simultaneously charge and discharge a LiFePO4 battery as you would when using a power module in the field.

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