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Issue 199 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 199 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 199 March 24th, 2018

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Hams pitch in to help as "Hat Trick" of major storms hit Northeast
WX1BOX volunteers were active for 17 hours straight, and afterward, some continued to monitor high tides and strong winds, which persisted into the weekend. The volunteers handled more than 1,000 reports of wind damage.
Azimuthal map
Azimuthal map with DX spot reporting.
Understanding AGM batteries
Often forgotten in the mix is absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries. They’re very adaptable for off grid use and have a lot of overlooked advantages.
Off Grid Ham
Building a filtered amplified Coketenna for ADS-B
Combine a proven, easy-to-do concept, the Coketanna, with the best performance RTL-SDR dongle for ADS-B and a filtered low-noise amplifier for great and affordable receive performance.
Radio for Everyone
Live trees affect antenna performance
Living wood absorbs EMF from vertically polarized antennas.
Which two-way radio service is right for you?
Choosing the right two-way radio can be confusing. You can’t just buy a couple of radios and start talking on them. Most two-way radio services require licensing of some sort, and radios designed to be used in those radio services must be certified by the FCC.
SpaceX launch punched huge, temporary hole in the ionosphere
Rocket launches act somewhat like a small volcano eruption.
Ars Technica
Shortwave supports secure digital communications
Taking advantage of its long-distance capabilities, the established technology has a new mission.
Radio World
China establishes single broadcaster, 'Voice of China'
Voice of China, as the new outlet will be known internationally, will be formed by combining three mammoth state-run national networks.


Women's History Month
Women scientists that have made radio history.
Mount Juliet Simplex Society
The Mount Juliet simplex net registers 20+ check-ins per net. Ham Nation interviews the founder of this ARRL affiliated club.
Ham Nation

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