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Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 2 March 22nd, 2014

Top links

Amateur nets formed to aid in search for missing Malaysia aircraft
The Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society has encouraged hams from multiple countries to report information to daily nets occurring on HF.
New software to decode CubeSAT telemetry data
DK3WN has released software that will decode signals from LitSat-1, LituanicaSat-1 and more.
ARRL files formal complaint to FCC over ballasts found in "grow lights"
Ballasts from common grow lights have been found to excessively interfere with HF communications, sometimes spewing RFI across an entire neighborhood.
2m band in UK to expand by 1MHz
Hams in the UK will soon be able to enjoy an extra 1Mhz of spectrum in the 2m band, pushing that band out to 147Mhz.
New moon bounce distance record recorded
The distance of 17,405.6 kms was recorded as a new EME record on 24GHz.
Voice of Russia to end shortwave broadcasts
Voice of Russia will cease shortwave broadcasts on April 1st.
The SWLing Post


Getting started with SOTA
A quick read detailing Summits On The Air (SOTA), encouraging radio amateurs to go portable and work from high places.
Essex Ham
Cutting down a CB whip for 10 meter use
Excellent video showing how to trim and tune an inexpensive CB mag-mount whip for 10 meters.


New Ham Radio video series debuts
TX Factor is a brand new series of high definition videos covering all aspects of Amateur Radio.
TX Factor
Intro to receiving signals via GNURadio
Hak5 has released a series of shows demonstrating GNURadio paried with SDR dongles decoding various wireless signals.
Receiving imagery from NOAA weather satellites
Video showing how to receive NOAA satellite images using a homemade QFH antenna and a RTL-SDR commonly found on eBay.

And finally...

The Wall Street Journal profiles FCC agents tracking down radio interference
WSJ wrote an interesting piece featuring FCC agents tracking down RFI as well as the offenders behind the noise.
Wall Street Journal
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