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Issue 200 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 200 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 200 April 14th, 2018

Top links

Proppy: HF propagation prediction
An interactive interface used to predict geographical coverage for a given site at a specified time and frequency.
Attracting more women to Amateur Radio
Kimberly Olsen VK2KMI spent some time researching how to attract more women to Amateur Radio.
3B7A Saint Brandon all-SDR DXpedition
This is the first major DXpedition that will be using only SDR transceivers in its setup. No old-school analogue radios.
More than 30,000 new Ham licensees in 2017
Despite the optimistic influx of 32,196 newcomers last year, the net growth of 5,349 — about 0.72% over December 2016 — reflects some 27,000 expired or cancelled licenses in the FCC database over the past year.
DIY Pi RF transmit filter hat with SMA connector
The Pi is a dirty old man when it comes to broadcasting and we need to clean up its act.
Naich's crappy blog
Hackers can hijack emergency alert sirens with a Baofeng and laptop
Emergency alert systems manufactured by Acoustic Technology Inc. can be hijacked and made to play any audio thanks to a vulnerability dubbed SirenJack.
Backpacking with a pocket-sized HF radio
Far and away the most effective backcountry communications facilities are available to licensed radio amateurs.
Review: AnyTone AT-D868UV dual-band DMR handheld
First impressions? Solid, in fact, very solid. This radio has some heft to it. You know you are holding it. It seems to be well made with a nice action on the rotary knobs.
Essex Ham


Work the World with WSJT-X - Dr. Joe Taylor
Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT, author of many of the weak signal digital modes and co-author of the very popular FT-8 mode presented: "Work the World with WSJT-X" at the 2018 MicroHAMS Digital Conference in Redmond, Washington.
Airspy HF+ and Gqrx running on Raspberry Pi
In case you’ve been wondering if a Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to run a SDR app, here is a quick test.
The Soviet villagers who blocked Western radio broadcasts
The village Radio Station #5, in what is now the republic of Georgia, had the sole purpose of jamming broadcasters such as the BBC and Voice of America.
BBC News
TV rabbit ears receive NOAA satellite images
N1SPY tests if an old TV antenna found in the garage is capable of receiving NOAA weather satellite images.

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