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Issue 207 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 207 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 207 June 16th, 2018

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Going ham for Ham Radio
Lawmakers are making a multi-pronged push to drive the bipartisan Amateur Radio Parity Act through Congress and finally bypass objections from top Senate Commerce Democrat Bill Nelson of Florida, whose allegiance to his state’s homeowners’ associations drove his panel to yank the bill from consideration last fall. Editor's note: Scroll toward the middle of this article for mention of the Parity Act.
Operating Rover in the ARRL June 2018 VHF Contest
First June VHF contest as a rover. Route worked well. Good QSOs from contest stations. Heat burned me out. WSJT burned me up.
Could a P5 DXpedition happen?
Based on what I saw on the news coverage of yesterdays Summit, I would have to say that “anything is possible” and it seems that the possibility is more likely today than it was yesterday.
Iran radars on ham radio 28 MHz band
Iranian radars have been very active in the Amateur Radio primary 28 MHz (10m) band every day.
RAC 25th Anniversary Challenge Coin Program
Radio Amateurs of Canada launched the special RAC 25th Anniversary Challenge Coin program.
Tropospheric DX on 2m SSB (with video)
I’ve never really experienced a proper tropospheric opening on 2m before. It’s a propagation mode I’ve been fascinated in, but I’ve just never been on the air at the right time.
Adventures in Ham Radio
Bench Testing HF Radios with a HackRF
This post describes how we implemented an HF channel simulator to bench test a digital HF radio using modern SDRs.
Series & parallel wiring your solar array
So you’ve had your fun with small single solar panels and are ready for a larger multi-panel system that can handle beefier loads.
Off Grid Ham
Raspberry Pi as an SDR – without the SDR
This has been made possible through clever use of the on-board Broadcom 802.11ac WiFi chip. The result is a TX-capable SDR.
Hack A Day


2 Days Off Grid - PowerFilm Solar Ham Radio & Raspberry Pi
During March 2018 I took a short trip to 66 degrees North to field test the solar powered ham radio field station.
ARRL on The Weather Channel
Meteorologist Stephanie Abrams interviewed ARRL Emergency Preparedness Manager Mike Corey on how to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season.
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