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Issue 208 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 208 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 208 June 22nd, 2018

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Field Day site locator: Find a Field Day event near you
This page shows public Field Day sites that members of the public and media can visit.
Increased solar activity for Field Day
We have not seen numbers such as this since last September. This is good news just before ARRL Field Day, assuming the activity does not produce any geomagnetic disturbance.
Field Day 2018: Give Them A Reason To Care
When you go to Field Day 2018, bring someone with you and convince them that amateur radio matters.
Off Grid Ham
Field Day Bulletin Schedule
Those participating in Field Day can earn 100 bonus points for copying the special Field Day bulletin transmitted by W1AW or by K6KPH.
Shortwave station WTWW featuring live call-ins during Field Day
9930 and 5085 KHz. Call in toll free: 833-390-5085
Broadcaster to Transmit Field Day Greetings in MFSK64
A 100 kW HF broadcast transmitter in Nauen, Germany, will send Field Day greetings to North American radio amateurs in MFSK64.
Field Day Site Survey for a Horizontal Loop Antenna
We are seriously considering a 260-foot loop that is one wavelength at 80 meters. It can be a square or triangle.
Explaining the current capacitor shortage
In short, we are in the middle of a global capacitor shortage the likes of which the electronics manufacturing industry has not experienced since 2008.
Building an RF Direction Finding Robot with an RTL-SDR
The goal is to set up an ISM band transmitter as a beacon, and use the RTL-SDR on the robot as the receiver.
1970s Citizens Band Radio culture
“It was before mobile phones, before the internet. It was the initial form of mass communication, a way you could chat to your friends for free,” says David Titlow as we talk about CB Radio, the now-obscure 1970s and 80s technology.
British Journal of Photography


Why We Love Field Day
An 8 part video series highlighting the best aspects of Field Day.
DX Engineering
Nashville Field Day

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