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Amateur superstation, balloon floats around the globe, lunchtime portable..
Amateur superstation, balloon floats around the globe, lunchtime portable..
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 21 August 2nd, 2014

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Photos: Amateur radio superstation
K3LR runs an 11 acre antenna farm featuring 13 different towers that includes yagi's, directional arrays, and switching systems.
Managing a pile-up as W1AW
KK4DSD operated as W1AW/4 on RTTY on the 40 meter band. He managed to create an utterly evil pile-up that spanned nearly 6 kHz at its widest.
Homebrew radios in North Korea
Devices acquired on the black market expose Northerners to outside ideas.
Bad news for shortwave broadcasting
BBG released its report assessing current and projected use of shortwave radio as a platform for programming by U.S. international media.
434 MHz balloon floats around the world
The 434 MHz solar powered balloon B-64, launched by radio amateur Leo Bodnar M0XER, is approaching the UK at the end of a record breaking journey around the world.
GB2ALE celebrates brewery through special event station
Members of the Burton upon Trent Amateur Radio Club operate GB2ALE, a special event call with a telling suffix, from the National Brewery Museum on August 2-3.
The noise whisperer
This past Friday, I had a very pleasant visit from Roy Charlesworth. Roy is the noise mitigation man for naughty power lines and made his way to Mayne Island on the morning ferry from the mainland.
Panama Canal special event
Amateurs of the Republic of Panama is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Panama Canal. They will be operating the special event station HO100CANAL. Operation will take place from 10 m to 160 m on SSB, PSK, RTTY and CW.
Amateurs of the Republic of Panama

How to

Using Russian television signals as a 6 meter propagation indicator
Parked conveniently close to 6m, the 49 MHz multi-kilowatt transmitters combine with large, high antennas to pump lots of ERP over the pole.


Lunchtime portable
N0HYD provides a well produced video of his setup and operation during a lunchtime portable operation event.
An introduction to space weather and the Space Weather Prediction Center
Also includes impacts to communications, GPS and the power grid.
U.S. National Weather Service
HF reception using the RTLSDR dongle
Tuning 3-30 MHz using the RTL2838U dongle with an upconverter from Nooelec. Receives HF, VHF and UHF up to 1700 MHz.

And finally...

Saddest QSO
Finally spotted W1AW on JT65, but luck wasn't in my favor.
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