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Issue 215 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 215 of Amateur Radio Weekly
Amateur Radio Weekly
Issue 215 August 18th, 2018

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FT8 QSO Mode
No character type restrictions, 23 characters per 15 second transmit period.
ARRL annual report highlights membership problems
Membership is forecast to continue to decline in 2018 (2% loss is forecast).
New FCC Part 95 rules
Additional FRS channels and increased power on certain FRS channels from 0.5 W to 2 W.
AREDN mesh network progress
We have been working on bringing up an AREDN mesh network at ARRL HQ and here at AA6E.
Nunavut operation
Active from Iqaluit, Nunavut as VY0BRR using all modes and all bands except 160.
How much battery do you really need?
There are some basic battery concepts that will help you sort through this confusing topic.
Off Grid Ham
Breaking ground
With building permit in hand, it's finally time to get my vertical... vertical again!
SDR-Remote: A physical tuning and control knob for SDR#
This is a physical tuning knob that connects to your PC, and can be used with programs like SDR#.
Screwdriver antenna experiences
Even on a compact SUV.
Surrey Amateur Radio Club


More on the J-pole Antenna
A close look at how the J-pole antenna works with special attention to how it's fed.
David Casler
How to decode 433Mhz low power devices
Here we take a look at decoding some of the micro transmissions from Low Power Devices on the 433Mhz band using RTL433 software for Linux and Windows.
Tech Minds

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